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Tiny and Mighty


hat issues


me: look at this oc i have their entire arc mapped out in my head from start to finish and all their relationships planned out it’s gonna be great

anybody else: whats their name





are dogs even real

dogs r so funny hehe


when someone really cute calls you cute first


Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)


my hobbies include staring at Lord of the Rings themed clothing I can’t afford and weeping softly

(dress | skirt 1 | scarfshoes | skirt 2 | balrog leggings | skirt 3)


I really need to learn how to colour properly. I didn’t like where my colours were going so I threw a bunch of dumb filters on top… I kind of like it now maybe? New desktop bg for my laptop!

Look at this amazing artwork that Christie did of our OC’s! Bask in the glory!


cute boyfrans (how do i colour omg this is impossible)

do u ever just

get really overwhelmed by how much u love a character

so you just kind of have to sit down and just


i love this asshole so much



Hi there! Gabi here, otherwise know as the Slow Countershoter. I’ve been informed that I forgot to put up a Sunday Extra yesterday as it was, indeed, my turn. But since I tend run behind on most things I’m just going to pretend it’s still Sunday and…

Welcome to my blog where I post little doodles, but other stuff seem to sneak in too. Mostly puppies.

Here is my Pixiv Profile and Deviantart page

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